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Performance and Feathers of Bucket Hoist Conveyor

12/30/2012 5:33:03 PM

The bucket hoist conveyor can be used in conveying powder, granular and small block material with non-abrasive or small abrasive, such as coal, clay, ore, cement, stone, sand and other agencies. Due to the circular chain traction structure of the bucket elevator, the bucket hoist conveyor can convey the material with high temperature.

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Performance and characteristics of the bucket hoist conveyor: Good sealing and less environmental pollution; big delivery value, high lifting height, smooth and reliable operation and long service life, easy to operation and maintenance, less wearing parts; low using cost, the energy-saving and less maintenance leads to a very low cost; reliable operation and advanced design principles to ensure the reliability of machine operation; good rigidity and high accuracy of structure. The shell has a good rigidity and beautiful appearance after hemming and intermediate pressure tendons and welding; small mechanical size, compared with the same elevator, bucket hoist conveyor has a smaller size.

The driving power of bucket hoist conveyor is relatively small, which uses the flow-through type charging and inducement discharging. The intensive hopper with large capacity makes the bucket hoist conveyor have no material back and excavating phenomenon, so the reactive power of the bucket hoist conveyor is much less. The enhancing range of the bucket hoist conveyor is wide. This kind of elevator has few requirement for the species and features on material, which not only can enhance the general powdery and granular material, but also can enhance the material with large mill cut feature. In addition, this elevator has good tightness and less environmental pollution.