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Parameters Research of Chute Feeder

1/20/2013 6:56:09 PM

The installation angle refers to the angle between the tank body and the horizontal plane (installation angle), and its value affects the conveying speed of the materials. When the body is mounted down, the conveying speed is significantly enhanced. Such as α=-10°, the conveying speed can be increased by about 40%; and it can be improved more than 75% when α=-15°. 

Chute feeder

Α value should not be too large, because it not only accelerates the wear and tear of the tank, but also it is restricted by the natural angle of the materials. The electromagnetic vibrating feeder is researched from the seventies of the last century and it is applied to actual production in domestic market. Several styles and series of products are formed, and it develops rapidly. The vibratory feeder is widely used in the fields of mining and metallurgy. The improvement of stability and efficiency of vibrating feeder is of importance to effectiveness of mining feeder system. Nowadays, shaker feeder is on the way of high accuracy and efficiency. In the process of production practice, vibrating feeder tends to damage in terms of damping spring, hanging metal pieces and electrical machinery. Therefore, we need to make dynamic analysis on shaker feeder and find the reasons and further improve it.

The bottom plate of the chute feeder is flat, and it moves in a reciprocating way, which is very important equipment in magnetic and flotation ore separating line. The chute feeder is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, mining and water conservancy and hydropower to transfer bulk and granular materials to all kinds of receiving equipments from storage bin. The width of the body of chute feeder is nearly 2-2.5 times longer than that of the largest feeding granularity. The largest chute feeder can feed ore whose granularity is less than 500mm, and it can be settled on the ground or hung at the discharging port of storage bin.