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Domestic Crusher should Focus on Green Production

3/15/2013 5:49:03 PM

The crusher equipment is mainly used in crushing process of various ores; in different processing stages, the performance requirements on crusher equipment are not exactly the same. In the early development stage, mining industry only focused on economic benefits, while, with the development of technology and progress of the times, the adverse influence of resources waste caused by over-exploitation has been recognized by the majority of people, mining mode urgently needs to be innovated.

In the situation of global marketing development, all walks of life are impacted by the advanced technology of developed countries, at the same time, the communication opportunities with foreign brands also increase; the domestic mining machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises through industry exhibition, scientific research cooperation and other ways continuously improve their strength and core competitiveness on the way to international road, which narrows the gap with developed countries. The research, production and use of crusher equipment are important issues for the mining machinery industry and efficient and intelligent development of crusher equipment in circular economy era has become an inevitable trend.

With the continuous development of environmental protection concept of the international community, China has increased the system specifications and production requirements on each industry which has high energy consumption and extensive mining model is gradually abandoned, and intensive mining is becoming the development mainstream of the industry. Driven by the demand in the new market, the optimization and upgrading of mining equipment becomes more urgent. Domestic crusher equipment manufacturing enterprises fully tap the market potential, and vigorously developing large crushing machine and equipment of environmental protection and energy saving plays an active role in the transformation of green mining.