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Integration of Coal Industry Promotes High-end Competition

4/7/2013 5:21:07 PM

It is reported that the huge market in China and the integration policy of the coal industry released recently is promoting the mining machinery manufacturers to make an investment.

According to the survey conducted by the special survey center of Chinese market economy, the newly built building-used ore mines of limestone mine, granite mine and fluorite mine approved by the government this year reaches 200. This survey also shows that the demands for all kinds of mining machines driven by a newly built ore mine whose investment is less 10 million can reach about 100. For this reason, the demand produced by the infrastructure construction in China is a main promoting factor. From 2008 to 2009, Chinese market has surpassed the North American market and becomes the largest market in the world that sells the most mining machines and in 2010, the output of mining machinery in China may accounts for 50% of the total output in the whole world.

With the advance of the merger and reorganization of coal enterprises, the average size of the coal mines will gradually increase and low-end products will be eliminated, which will produce new demands for high-end and intelligent coal exploitation equipment and large-sized washing and dressing equipment and promote scientific and technological progress in this industry and the growth of the leading enterprises.

Some experts say that many mining machinery companies in our country still linger about the low-end market. Take crushing equipment as an example, the market shares of independent brands accounts for less than 30%, and most of them concentrate in the low-end market and the independent brands of medium and large excavators over 20 tons are basically blank. In addition, the core spare parts of the mining machinery like hydraulic component, engine, controlling component and drive system still rely on export, so that the manufacturing companies that can successfully realize export substitution will have great market opportunities.