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Mining Machine Will Usher Great Development Opportunities in 2013

4/6/2013 2:15:52 AM

The mining machinery industry has been popular for a decade, and now, the industry is undergoing a process of re-baptism, so survival of the fittest will be a strong push for the integration and upgrading of the mining machinery industry.


In 2012, in order to seize the mining machinery market, mining machine enterprises have tried their best to research and develop better equipment. In 2013, Hongxing mining machines such as lime rotary kiln, high frequency ore screen, industrial grinding machines and mining belt equipment occupy a large market shares and become the development focus and maintain strong developing momentum. The development of mining machinery market may be not smooth, but this industry is showing tiger’s potential. While the market of whole machine becomes depressed, the demands for mining equipment has not reduced, and many cities still maintain rapid development.

According to the customs statistics, during the first two quarters of 2012, the mining machinery exports showed a gratifying prospect that both the export amount and the export price rise. There are 24 tpyes mining machinery products more than $200 million among China’s mining machinery products in 2012, with totaled exports more than $15,683,000,000, accounting for 86.11% of the total exports. This showed the mining machinery industry in China is still developing uptrend and the competitive advantage is still evident.

The key component of mining machinery is the foundation, support and bottleneck of the development of mining machinery products. When mining machinery developed to a certain stage, the  industrial high-tech research will concentrate in the main engine, hydraulic, transmission, control technology and other key components. The enterprise will have the core competitiveness only after solving the production problem of key components.