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Screw Washing Machine

4/14/2013 5:20:53 PM

Application of Screw Washing Machine

Screw washing machine is suitable for the washing process of medium fine and coarse materials in highway, water and electricity, building and other industries.

Advantages and Characteristics of Screw Washing Machine

Screw washing machine has reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, large capacity, small power consumption and high washing ability. Novel sealing structure, fully enclosed oil bath type transmission device and adjustable overflow weir plate ensure that this series of product is efficient and durable as well as good effect of cleaning and dehydration.

The screw washing machine is high efficiency sand washing equipment adopting advanced technology and combining with the practical situation of domestic sand and gravel industry; sand loss is small in the process of sand washing; especially the transmission part is isolated with water and sand, so the failure rate is greatly reduced; it is the best choice for the domestic sand washing industry.

Installation of Screw Washing Machine

1. The equipment should be installed in a horizontal concrete base and fixed by bolt.
2. The body should be vertical to the horizontal ground.
3. After installation, check the fastening situation of each bolt and host, if loose, please tighten it timely.
4, configure power cord and control switch according to the dynamic of the equipment.
5. Take empty load test and then carry out normal production.