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Hongxing Wins the Technology War in Mining Machinery

10/6/2013 10:37:06 PM

The decrease in the demands for quarrying equipment is not just a test facing the engineering machinery industry in China, Caterpillar, the leading company in world engineering machinery industry, declared to lower the annual profit and income expectation while releasing the first-quarter performance report the other day. Seen from the 2012 earnings, Komatsu, ranking No. 2, also suffered from the decrease in demands for mining machinery, which led to the profit decline by 17%. However, it does not mean that Caterpillar and Komatsu will stagnate, as they never stop the competition in scientific and technical level and customers’ needs.

A few days ago, Caterpillar announced to launch face and eye tracer technique to avoid and prevent accident caused by the fatigue of the driver. It plans to sell sensor, alarming and software and other complete sets of machines to detect whether the truck driver dozes off in working time due to over fatigue. The reporter from Chinese engineering machinery commerce and trade internet learns that BHP Billiton and Newmont mining have already began to try out this product.

In the aspect of applying similar high-tech products, the leading mining companies in China are never inferior. After the successful application of telecontrol excavator, to further improve the mining production efficiency, Hongxing Machinery introduces first remote control mobile crushing station from Komatsu to further crush the mined ores. The use of this machine not only gets the operating staff far away from the dangerous quarrying plant, thus greatly improving the safety factor, but improves the working efficiency.