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Introduction to Two Types of Crusher Abrasion

10/17/2013 8:09:46 PM

In the using process, the abrasion of mechanical equipment is inevitable. Especially in the using process of crushing machine, due to the particularity in the production process, its abrasion is more obvious. The fast or serious abrasion of the spare parts of the equipment will seriously influence the proceeding of the whole production flow and reduce the production efficiency of the production line. Here the experts of Hongxing Machinery give an introduction to the two types of crusher abrasion for your reference.

jaw crusher

(1) Natural abrasion

Natural abrasion refers to the change of geometrical shape and size structure of the spare parts caused by the rub between the spare parts of the equipment in the normal use and running process of the machinery. This type of abrasion is generally slow and the damage will not be caused in short time. However, the abrasion of the spare parts will increase the mechanical contact between different spare parts, which may seriously influence the production efficiency of the crushing equipment, and at the same time, if the seriously abraded spare parts are not changed timely, they might damage other parts, causing bigger destructive damage to the crushing machine.

(2) Premature wear

Premature wear mainly refers to the damage caused by unreasonable structure of the machine, low quality of the materials for some spare parts, nonstandard manufacturing quality of some parts and incorrect installation or wrong equipment operation.

After multiple analyses, Hongxing Machinery comes to the conclusion that crushers belong to heavy-type industrial equipment. In the using process, the losses caused by abrasion is relatively huge, for this reason, it is necessary to timely well maintain the quick-wear spare parts and change the damaged parts. Only by timely finding the problem and timely dealing with it can better ensure high production efficiency and safe operation of the crushing machine.