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What Influences the Crushing Effect of a Crushing Machine?

10/22/2013 8:06:31 PM

In the industrial fields of our country, the disposal of many types of raw materials and the recycling of industrial waste need crushing equipment, for this reason, crusher has very important position. With the constant development of infrastructure construction and the constant acceleration of social development, the market demands for construction materials will increase, which will promote the fast development of the crusher industry. Here the experts from Hongxing Machinery will give an introduction to the influencing factors of the crushing effect of a crushing machine.

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According to the introduction of the experts of Hongxing Machinery, in the production process of a crusher, there are many factors influencing the crushing ability of the crushing accessories. Besides human manipulation and the quality of the equipment itself, the property of the stone materials to be crushed is also one of the factors influencing the crushing ability of the crushing accessories.

1. The hardness of the stone materials. It is known to all that it is more difficult to crush hard ores, and the abrasion to the crushing accessories will be more serious. Many crushers crush the stone materials through constantly abrading its accessories.

2. The humidity and stickiness of the stone materials. Generally speaking, the drier the stone is, the easier the crushing process will be which is why there is hot air used for drying the water in the materials in the grinding mill. In the meantime, the materials with high water content and big stickiness will block the machine in the crushing and transportation process, which will reduce the crushing efficiency of the equipment.

3. The discharging granularity of the stone materials. Sand particles with high fineness needs longer time of crushing.

4. The elementary composition of the stone materials, which mainly refers to the fineness of the stone materials. If there are many impurities in the stone materials, the quality of the final products and the crushing capacity of the equipment will be influenced.

5. The abrasion resistance of the quick-wear parts. The higher the quick-wear parts are, the higher the crushing capacity of the crushing equipment will be.