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Reasons of and Solution to Jam and Dust Stratification of Dust Collector

6/9/2013 5:17:33 PM

The jam and dust stratification of dust collector mainly occurs near the dust discharging mouth and in the pipes for air inflow and air exhaust. There are mainly two reasons causing the jam of the discharging mouth: large-sized materials such as wood shavings, wood chip and wood brick or other foreign matters remain in the dust discharging mouth and become barrier, and then other powder dust accumulate around and jam will form; the dust inside the ash bucket of the cyclone dust collector accumulates too much and cannot be timely discharged. No matter what reason, the jam of the discharging mouth will increase the abrasion of the machine, reduce the dust collecting efficiency and increase the pressure loss of the equipment.

To prevent the jam and dust stratification of the cyclone dust collector, the following precautions can be used:

(1) The powder dust planes inside the ash bucket should be in the allowable ranges.

(2) The dust discharging and transportation tools should be in good condition.

(3) Prevent dust packing and hardening in the storage and dust gathering system.