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Characteristics and Safe Use of Bucket Type Lifter

6/30/2013 5:16:58 PM

Bucket type lifter is an integral part for building industry and coal mining industry with the following characteristics:

1. Small hoist drive power

Bucket type lifter adopts flowing-type feeding way and induced-type unloading way; it is almost without materials-feeding back and excavation phenomena, therefore reactive power is small.

2. Wide application scope.

Bucket type lifter has small requirements on characteristics and types of lifted materials. It has good sealing and less environmental pollution.

3. Reliable running process.

Advanced design principles and processing methods ensure the running reliability of bucket type lifter.

4. Long service life.

Feeding-type feeding way makes it rarely occur extrusion and collision between materials.

Safely and correctly using bucket elevator can avoid the failure occurred during using process, we can do regular maintenance to ensure the normal use of mining belt equipment. Here are several points to note:

1. Drive mining belt equipment with empty load. Exhaust all the material in the hopper before stopping machine.

2. Mining belt equipment can never run backwards.

3. Feed materials uniformly. It is prohibited suddenly increasing feeding amount. Feeding amount cannot exceed the transmission capacity of mining belt equipment, otherwise it is easy to occurs serious material accumulation at the bottom.

4. Timely and appropriately add lubricant.

5. Badly worn or damaged chain and hopper should be replaced in a timely manner.