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How Can Control the Pulp Density for Wet Ore Beneficiation

10/29/2013 10:45:18 PM

The wet type ore beneficiation process is carried out in the pulp with a certain density, so that the pulp density has important influences on the ore beneficiation technology and is an important parameter that needs regular test, adjustment and control in the dressing process. Pulp density is an important parameter that will influence the magnetic separation effect as suitable pulp density can make the particles in the ore pulp in the loose suspended state to ensure reaching the magnetic separation index. The control of the density of the fed-in ore pulp is often realized in the procedures before the ore pulp goes into the magnetic separator machine, for example, through adjusting the discharging amount of the concentrated products in the water chute to control its density, or controlling the ore feeding density or pressure of the hydrocyclone in the dehydration and classification process of the hydrocyclone.

flotation machine

To control the pulp density, it is necessary to be able to test the instant density of the ore pulp to make sure the pulp density changes in the preset range in a certain period of time. In addition, in this period of time, the flotation cell should be able to stably separate the ores. In the flotation separation process, as the ore pulp particles are very fine and the surface has charge, so there will be repulsive force between the ore particles, which increase the difficulty of ore pulp density control, then we can add some treating agent in it.

To solve the problem of precisely controlling the pulp density, Hongxing Machinery researches and manufactures automatic control system for the underset density of pulp thickner. This automatic control system is able to precisely and conveniently check the pulp density at any time and make sure the product quality of the ore beneficiation technical process reaches the standard, and is able to adjust the pulp density, neutralize the negative electrode and make sure it is in the most suitable range.