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What is the Preparatory Work of Flotation Cell?

11/3/2013 7:03:14 PM

Just same as the other ore beneficiation method, the flotation cell also needs to make full preparations for the separation process which is the ores should be ground and classified to reach the density and fineness suitable for flotation separation. In addition, flotation separation also needs the following basic work:

flotation cell

(1) Adjust the ore pulp and add the flotation reagents.

The purpose of adjusting the ore pulp and adding the flotation reagents is to cause the differences of the surface properties of the minerals, that is to say, change the wettability of the surfaces of the minerals and adjust the selectivity of the surface of the minerals.

(2) Mix to cause large quantities of bubbles.

Relying on the air agitation effect of the cell flotation, the air inside the ore pulp will disperse and form large quantities of bubbles or promote the air bubbles inside the ore pulp to form.

(3) The mineralization of the bubbles.

The ore particles will selectively stick to the bubbles, which the most fundamental action of the flotation separation process.

Flotation separation is an ore beneficiation method based on the different wettability of the minerals by water. Generally speaking, the property of the minerals easy or difficult to float is called the floatability of the minerals. Flotation separation is to separate the minerals using the floatability difference of the minerals. In the modern flotation separation process, the application of flotation reagent is very important because the floatability of the minerals may be changed after being processed by the flotation reagent and the minerals to be floated will selectively stick to the bubbles, thus separating the minerals.