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Comparison of ten kinds of raymond mill with superb performance

2/1/2012 11:38:05 PM

It is not alarmist talk that: if a enterprise, which makes Raymond mill, didn’t take effective measures, such as lowering energy & resource consumption and reducing emissions, it would be constrained or even be eliminated. During 2006, China national economy has grown 8%. Global economy continued to recover. On 21st February, Policy-makers for the Federal Reserve announced that American economy is still steadily growing, and predicted that American economy would have grown 3.5% during 2006 and 3-5% during 2007. On 21st February, the European Commission released the newest economy forecast and predicted that economy in 12 euro-area countries & European Union (25 countries) would remain a high-growth trend. Global economy, including China, remains a high-growth, which benefit us (whose Raymond mill is exported -oriented) most. Since last year, these enterprises have been under great pressure. With no big foreign trade orders, warehouse inventories of most enterprises have risen. Last year, only 170000 tons of carborundum has been exported, so that there were 23000 tons of quotas left. Domestic market was not as active as last quarter. Specially, structure adjustment and adaptation to converted concept & practice of most enterprises ensured that steady growth 15% of industrial economy can be completely satisfied. 

As early as in 1996, mining machinery----spiral classifier material companies had made a 20-year cooperation agreement with Japanese businessmen. With nearly 10-year cooperation between the two, international spiral classifier material market has been in feast or famine. For the long- term mutual-benefits, even though spiral classifier was hot, these companies would give priority to Japanese businessmen under the pre-condition that benefit the other party. With good faith cooperation, these companies have continually increased their foreign supply. Only to Japanese businessmen, their product-supply has reached 8000 tons in 2005, and increase to 9000 tons. Meanwhile, these companies unceasingly expanded their exporting market, and successively entered into European and American markets. Company President said: This year, our company has received 30000 tons orders in total as yet. In export supply alone, its value has taken a portion of 1/3 of total output in company.

With the rise of small coking plant and steel-making enterprise, Screw classifier, as the coking, steelmaking upstream machine, has begun to occupy the market since 2002. At that time, spiral classifier sell well. Under this circumstance, Mining machinery spiral classifier material company, as the leader of the nation’s silicon spiral classifier, not only demand exceeds supply, but also many clients are willing to purchase their products with more expensive than the market price. Last year, Angang need 66000 tons spiral classifier materials to reconstruction the 6 blast furnaces. Mining machinery spiral classifier material companies not only take back all the orders, but also take back the deposit of more than 30 million once by biding. While engaged in demestic cooperation, Companies seek international cooperation actively with good credit.  Mining machinery spiral classifier material company focuses on the long-term cooperation rather than immediate interests. For long-term cooperation with enterprises, such as Angang, Bengang, Hagang shougang, and so on , the company not only put forward boycotting to follow suit the commitment of the price, but also primarily satisfy their products needs. Therefore, good reputation attracts many stable clients.

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