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Feeder Grinding Line Based on Green Technology Allows Cleaner Production

2/2/2012 1:39:44 AM

Feeder grinding lines, include mining, crushing, grinding, flotation of the ore stones, during the process of which there must result in serious pollution on surrounding environment. although many mines in China have taken active measures for protecting the environment, it may be far enough, China's mining environment needs to be improved further. Put on the daily production schedule of cleaner mine, the cleaner production  has catched more attention of our state.

Cleaner production, in different stages of development or different countries, is called in different ways, for example "waste reduction" and "no waste process", "pollution prevention", etc. But their basic connotation is consistent, namely by taking precautions against pollution on the products and the production process, product and service .

Green technology is a technical system capable of reducing pollution and consumption, improving the ecology. This dynamic system is consisted of the relative knowledge, capacity and material means, all of which means that the corresponding knowledge, capacity and material of environmental protection and ecological transformation, are only the elements of green technology , and only if three of which work together, interact each other, green technology would constituted really. Environmental protection and ecological knowledge are two indispensable elements of green technology, technical innovation depends on them.

Cleaner production essentially, is to take overall preventive environmental strategy in the production process and products, reducing or eliminating their potential harm on humans and the environment, while fully meeting human needs, to maximize the social and economic benefits. Specific measures include: the continuously improving design; using clean energy and raw materials; adopting advanced technology and equipment; ameliorating management; utilizing comprehensively; reducing pollution from the source, increasing resource utilization efficiency; reducing or avoiding the pollutants emission during the process of production, service and product using. Cleaner production is of great importance for implementing sustainable development.

Cleaner production is a practical production method and measure, not only capable of meeting people's needs but also using natural resources and energy rationally and protecting the environment, whose essence, is a kind of human planning and managing activity of least material and energy consumption, with waste reduced, recycled and safe, or eliminated in the production process. Meanwhile, the production of green products harmless to humans and the environment will, following that sustainable development is carried out in deep-going way, increasingly become the dominant direction of future products.

In summary, clean production are defined to include two full processes: the whole process of production and the entire process of product life cycle. For the production process, cleaner production, including conservation of raw materials and energy, no using toxic materials as far as possible, and also reducing the volume and toxicity in their production process ; as to products, cleaner production includes reducing its impact on environment to a minimum as far as possible from obtaining raw material to the final disposal process.

 Green technology should be paid more attention by the major companies, mining manufacturers in the future. The adoption of green technology, optimizing the manufacturing environment, will reduce the environment pollution, resulted in the working process of disk grain making machine, concentrator, spiral sand washing machine, mill equipment or other equipment, to the harmless degree.