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Improvement Made on Cavity Shape of Jaw Crusher China

1/12/2014 8:01:31 PM

The working mechanism, which is crushing cavity, of jaw crusher is formed by a fixed jaw and a mobile jaw. On both jaw plates, there are lining boards made of manganese steel and they are fixed onto the jaw plate with bolts and wedge. As lining boards directly participate in the crushing process, to improve the crushing effect, on the surface of the lining boards, there are horizontal ripples which are set opposite each other in lumps and bumps. At present, the tooth form of jaw crusher China is triangle or trapezoid on which there are vertical bars. With the application and development of computer technology, the design of tooth form has developed from traditional test method and experience method to applying computer for optimized design, thus gaining optimum crushing effect.

As the abrasion of all the parts of the lining boards in the crushing process is pretty uneven, especially that bottom part near the discharging mouth, lining board is usually made transversely zygomophic, so that it can be reused reversely after the lower part is abraded to extend its service life. The lining boards of large jaw crusher China are composed of many blocks which are all interchangeable; with the purpose of prolong its service life.

The cavity shape of jaw crusher China will directly influence such technical indexes such as productivity, granularity composition, particle size, service life of the crushing plate and electricity consumption. At present, the crushing cavity of large jaw crusher produced in China generally adopts traditional linear type cavity with full tooth. This cavity shape has low productivity, high specific energy consumption, easy blockage, big and uneven product granularity. Recently, Hongxing Machinery has done great research on the crushing cavity and has researched and developed new type of cavity shape to put into production. The practice has shown that when the pendulum stroke and pendulum times of movable jaw are the same, curve type cavity has such advantages as high production capacity, big crushing ratio, even product granularity, low content of over-crushed particles, small abrasion of the lower lining board of the cavity and low specific energy consumption.