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Customer interview: coke/ petroleum coke/ SIC/ sludge dryer machine using experience

2/2/2012 1:44:21 AM

 Coke dryer, petroleum coke dryer, SIC dryer and sludge dryer are commonly used dryer machine in daily production. Hongxing Company has been committed to the R&D, and production of dryer machine. Today our service department comes to customer site to visit their use feeling.

Coke dryer

From the distribution of China’s coke, we can see that the geographical distribution of coking enterprise is uneven, mainly in North China, East China and Northeast region. Coke is mainly used in blast furnace iron making and copper, lead, zinc, titanium, antimony, mercury and other non-ferrous metal blast furnace smelt, which plays as the role of reducing agent, fever agent and material skeleton. Coke dryer is a professional dryer machine and the key areas in the coke production line.

Petroleum coke

The petroleum coke is a transformed product from heavy oil processed heat checking. The heavy oil can be get from crude oil by distillation and separate the light oil. The petroleum coke can be pided into living coke and cooked coke. The former can be got by the coke drum which is used for delay coking; it is also known as raw coke, with more volatile and poor strength. The latter is got by living coke after calcined, known as calcined coke. Petroleum coke dryer is also called as hierarchical petroleum coke dryer. It impacts materials by using high-speed rotation rotary hammer, leaves rods and so on. It achieves ultra-fine grinding materials by the intense impact of materials and rotary, high-speed strike between high-speed materials and the shear and grinding by the stator and rotary.

SIC dryer

Silicon carbide powder is refers to the use of drying equipment for super fine crushing grading micron grade silicon carbide powder. At present the main silicon carbide micro powder is for 1200# and 1500#. As the silicon carbide powder is mainly used for abrasive industry, so the classification of powders has special requirements, large powder particles cannot occur in the micro powder. In order to meet the requirements of international and domestic products, it generally use SIC dryer for grading. SIC dryer is essential drying equipment in the whole silicon carbide powder production line.

Sludge dryer

Hongxing sludge dryer mainly consists of draught fan, scattered equipment, belt feeding device, feeding, rotary drum, heat source, belt feeder, discharge device and power distribution cabinet. Therefore, sludge dryer work areas include discharge area, tilt lifting plate area, cleaning area and feeding zone.

Hongxing sludge dryer can dry material with 90% water content to finished product in one time. Aiming at the feature of easy o block, Hongxing sludge dryer adopts self-cleaning device and changes the single-dryer plate structure, which greatly extents the application. It can not only dry types of sludge, but also dry a variety of high-viscosity materials.