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The Influence of Shaking Table's Structure on Beneficiating Process

5/25/2014 6:36:17 PM

Shaking Table

Concentrating table separates particles into many grades according to their granularity under the combinative effect of the table's shaking and water's washing. The most obvious feature of shaking table is high rich ore rate, so we often adopt it to separate the final concentrate and tailings. The shaking table is mainly composed of motor, slope modulator, table surface, bunker, sink and lubrication systems. Here we will introduce the influence of shaking table's structure on beneficiating process:

1. The shape and size of table surface. The table can be divided into rectangular, trapezoidal and diamond, of which the rectangular table is most simple, while its utilization rate per size is low. The table surface in our country is most trapezoidal: it is broader in feeding part, while narrower in discharging end. The diamond table not only has a high utilization rate per size, but also prolongs separation zone and improves classifying efficiency. Its shortcoming is its inconvenience in installation and operation. It is mainly used abroad.

2. The paving material of shaking table. The purposes of paving material are: to prevent water leakage, improve wear resistance and guarantee certain roughness (friction coefficient). The paving material can adopt thin rubber sheet, lacquer ash (raw lacquer and calcined gypsum) coating, polyurethane coating layer, etc.

3. The shape and configuration of table strip. The table strip is used to keep a certain thickness of ore layer and discharge the upper light layer. The sectional shape and configuration style can influence the fluid characteristics of horizontal flow.

4. Layers of table surface. The shaking table has many types: single layer type and multi-layer type. The latter is big in handling capacity and small in covering area, suitable for slurry and coal separation.

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