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High-Efficiency Jaw Crusher, the Best Choice in Coarse Crushing

6/4/2014 1:31:37 AM

Jaw Crusher

Recently, Hongxing Machinery produces high-efficiency jaw crusher on the basis of introducing and absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad. It is a modern high-performance crusher based on the design concept of high input and high output at the same time of integrating with low energy consumption and high capacity according to the actual needs of the customer site.

In the first procedure of crushing line, jaw crusher is an indispensable machine to conduct coarse crushing, while, in the current market, although the production technology of traditional jaw crusher is mature, it is backward relatively, like large volume, heavy weight and low productivity. The newest high-efficiency jaw crusher produced by Hongxing Machinery solves these problems successfully.

Compared with the traditional jaw crusher, the experts said, 'Through the optimizing of moving cycle and chamber shape of its movable jaw, high-efficiency jaw crusher has a larger output on the condition of the same parameter. In addition, the optimization of overall structure and weight balancing also improve the stability of equipment significantly.'

According to feedback of customers, the high-efficiency jaw crusher breaks customers' traditional impression - 'stupid, big, thick' to it. It is compact in structure and small in covering area, which makes it play its role fully in a limited space and suitable for many crushing processes. Hongxing high-efficiency jaw crusher, as a new generation high-performance crusher, surpasses the traditional ones in the aspects of performance, maintenance cost and structure. It can be applied widely in metal and non-metallic ores, cement, construction, sandstone, metallurgical and other industries, and it is especially suitable in building materials crushing and sand making procedure. Besides, it can reduce the final granularity and improve productivity of whole production line, so the enterprise has a better economic benefit.