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What Factors Will Have Influence on the Rotor's Service Life?

6/12/2014 11:32:56 PM

Impact Crusher

The impact crusher, as a key machine in sand production line, gets much attention from customers. Many customers care about its service life, while, the rotor is the most important part of impact crusher. It can be said that the service life of rotor is the service life of impact crusher. Which factors will have influence on its service life? Here Hongxing experts will introduce you some factors:

1. The Type of Rotor Bearing

The impact crusher works in harsh conditions for a long time, which will double its abrasion. But the rotor bearing is expensive and inconvenient to replace, it is easy to cause loss by stopping production. So we should choose the suitable type. The double-row self-aligning spherical roller bearing has advantages like strong load capability and good self-aligning performance. So it is commonly adopted in impact crusher. In addition, the service life of rotor is mainly 5000-10000h.

2. The Stress State of Rotor Bearing

The impulse load on impact crusher is determined by the impulse on rotor and bearing flexibility of bearing seat. The improvement of bearing flexibility can reduce the impulse load on bearing. So we could add a rubber sheet with a certain thickness between bearing seat and supporting frame to absorb some vibrating energy and improve its bearing flexibility. Thus it could improve its stress state and prolong service life.

3. The Balance Quality of Rotor

The rotor is heavy and rapid, and its casting deviation and installation deviation will produce an unbalanced centrifugal force which will cause machine vibration and bearing damage. So the rotor of impact crusher should precede balance test.

4. The Cooperative Relationship Between Rotor Bearing

The main force on rotor is the impulse load, but it is different on rotating body. So we should balance the force evenly in order to prolong its service life.