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You should look for root causes to troubleshoot feeder

6/13/2012 12:07:35 AM

There will be glitches during the actual operating process of feeder, which will affect the normal work of it. Then how to deal with these glitches? Here are some correct ways for you to troubleshoot the feeder. The general approach is unlocking the connector of the hopper's belt and adjusting the position of the tensioning device to the highest point so that the belt of the hopper is in an appropriate state. Later you should make the tensioning device is in a state of full tension. Under standard circumstance, the rest of the tensioning stroke of the adjustment lever of the tensioning device is more than 50% of the whole trip.

Here we will introduce the solutions for troubleshooting the feeder with overload. The resistance moment will increase and the belt of the hopper will skid when the equipment overloads. At this time, you should reduce the feeding rate and keep feeding uniformly. If the situation does not get better and the belt of the hopper still skids, you should consider that the base is very likely to be blocked by the accumulation of the material. At this point, you should stop to double-check to identify the reasons to troubleshoot the feeder. If the resistance moment increases and the belt of the hopper skids because of the inefficient rotating of the bearings of the head wheel and end wheel, you need unpick and wash and fuel the bearings or replace it. When the material at the discharge location is not completely unloaded out of the machine and part of the material will be back to the base of the feeder, the production efficiency will be reduced and the power consumption and the crushing rate of the material will increase. This phenomenon is also known as back material phenomenon of the feeder. There are several reasons for the increasing back material phenomenon. There are differences existing in the speed of the operation of the hopper. The speed of the hoist is too high when it enhances the wet powder and pellets. The discharge process is in advance which is likely to cause the back material phenomenon. In this regard, you should take measures to modestly reduce the enhancing speed to avoid the frequent occurrence of the back material phenomenon. 

Another situation will cause the back material phenomenon. The discharging tongue plate at the exit of the nose is too far from the position of the hopper for discharging. You should adjust the position of the tongue plate to avoid the back material phenomenon. Another common failure is the drop of the hopper, which is that the hopper falls off from the belt. There will be abnormal noise when the hopper falls off. At this time, you need stop to check. Other, the consequences would be disastrous. In the face of the above mentioned phenomenon, remember to check in time and carefully repair the machine. You must not delay or neglect these phenomena. In addition, the daily operation and the maintenance work is also essential, which is helpful to reduce the occurrence of these failures to a certain extent.