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Force of compound crusher changes because of different materials

6/13/2012 12:17:09 AM

The combination crusher selects the appropriate ways of applying force according to the nature, particle size of materials and the requirements of productions in order to get the best crushing effects with the most appropriate and the least time and energy consumption. The combination crusher mainly shows the its characteristics during the crushing operations from the following aspects. The crusher will use the crushing and impactive way of applying force in face of the materials with larger particle size or the medium hard material. At this time, there will be teeth on the surface of the crushing equipment tool which is favorable for operations. The crusher will use the crushing, impactive and milling force in face of the material with hard material with smaller  particle size. There will be no teeth on the surface of the tool at this time. The combination crusher will use milling, impactive and crushing force in face of the powdery or pulpy material. There will be sharp teeth on the surface of the crusher tool. The crusher mainly use the crushing force for the abrasive material. At this point, the surface of the tool is smooth. The material is made up of a variety of components, which can make a variety of force used in combination. 

The above-mentioned are different ways of applying force used by the combination crusher for different nature of the crushing materials. Then we will talk about the specific requirements of material quality for the combination crusher. Pay special attention to addressing the relationship between the hardness and the corrosion time of the material when you select the mechanical material of the combination crusher. The combination crusher will rely on the role of the rotating rotor with high speed. The particles existing between the rotor and fixed stator will affected by the shear stress. Or the grinding phenomenon will increase between the rotating parts and the fixed parts of the crushing equipment. This phenomenon is often due to the direct contact of the materials and the parts which leads to serious abrasiveness. The phenomenon of insoluble impurities and metal particles pollution then occurs. The occurrence of these phenomena will bring pollution and abrasiveness to the impact crusher and its accessories and reduce the service life of the crushing equipment. 

In addition, we should also pay attention to the bearings and seals of the rotor. We encourage to choose bearings with high precision and take multiple sealing measures. This can ensure that the lubricant in the bearing will not leak and also ensure that the material powder does not penetrate the bearing. Cross contamination can be prevented basically if you have done these two points. Cleaning work is also very important. You should ensure that the direct tangent part with the material has no cleaning blind. You need completely disassemble the direct tangent part and ensure the equipment can be cleaned manually. The efficiency of the combination crusher will be increased dramatically by doing these.