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Magnetic Separator Affects the Development of Ore Dressing Industry

7/22/2014 7:23:10 PM

Magnetic Separator

China is a country with rich mineral resources, but according to the characteristics of mineral resources in our country, in the exploitation process, ores must be on the meticulous processing. Thus, there is a large development space for mining industry, especially the ore beneficiation industry. The natural iron can become refined iron ore after crushing, grinding and dressing processes. The processed iron ore is called refined iron ore powder. The separating of ore concentrate cannot do without magnetic separation machine. Therefore, the development of magnetic separator has a significant effect on the development of mineral industry.

With the wide application of magnetic separation technology, it has laid a solid technical foundation for the comprehensive utilization of tailings. At present, the main recovery method of tailings in our country is mainly magnetic separation. The re-separation of iron tailings is an important measure to improve the utilization rate of resources, which is also conducive to reduce the tailings discharge. It not only improves the resource recovery rate, but also brings enormous economic benefits for the enterprise.

The development of mineral processing technology is synchronous, and the production technology will affect the whole quality of mineral processing industry. In recent years, the study ball mill, magnetic separator, crushing machine and other equipment has made great achievements. The development trend of future magnetic separator is changing to the large-scale direction obviously. The development of large equipment can greatly improve the level of ore dressing equipment manufacturers, so as to enhance the comprehensive economic benefits. Large ore beneficiation equipment can not only reduce the investment in infrastructure construction, but also reduce the power consumption, which is easier to realize automation.

With the implementation of national energy-saving and emission reduction policies, magnetic separator should not be underestimated in the resources recovery industry. The deeper study of magnetic separator has a lien selection performance of multi segment. Increase in the independent research and development pace, and strive to make the dressing equipment more powerful!