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The Requisite Knowledge about the Grid Plate of Cooling Machine

7/13/2014 6:41:09 PM

Cooling Machine

In cement production line, the grid type cooling machine is a kind of commonly used equipment, of which the grid plate is its wearing part. After using for a long time, the plate is prone to appear deformation, wearing, or even cracking accidents, which may lead to serious impact on the normal production of the machine. Hongxing Machinery has summed up a few measures which can effectively prolong the duration of grid plate by combining with the production and debugging experience.

1. Choose the right material of the grid plate.

When the clinker entering into the grate, the cooler temperature is 1400 ℃. During the heat exchange process, the material of the plate is required to have features such as heat resistance, thermal stability and enough wear resistance in high temperature.

2. Improve the design of the plate.

The design of the plate must consider the effect of the whole structure on its service life. The design should give full consideration to the leak proof effects between plates to maintain the gaps. A variety of tests should be conducted to gradually improve its performance.

3. The production process.

During the operation process, we should particularly pay attention to the operation of thick layer; reduce air leakage and indoor wind shifting of the air chamber to improve the cooling effect. Thick layer technology can protect the plate and reduce the impact of fluctuations on the stability of the materials in the cooling machine.

4. Daily maintenance and repair.

The maintenance of grid plate is very important. When entering the wind chamber, we should inspect the connection bolts of all plates timely, and replace the plates which have serious cracking and obvious wear. In the installation and maintenance of the cooler, we need to adjust the horizontal and vertical clearance between grid plates.

In a word, the grid plate is the key component of the cooling machine. In order to prolong its duration, we need to follow up the latest domestic and foreign technology to optimize the plate. So as to ensure its performance, prolong the service life and achieve the best cooling effect.