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What Affect the Grinding Granularity of Raymond Mill?

9/28/2014 6:10:29 PM

Raymond Mill

Raymond mill has been perfect after years of practice and improvement. It is widely used for grinding materials in metallurgy industry, building materials industry, chemical industry, mining industry and other areas. It can meet the requirements of different customers with the interaction of the analyzing machine and fan. Through years of production experience, we have summarized the following factors affect the granularity of Raymond mill:

1. The rotating speed of its main engine.

When the rotating speed of Raymond mill is too high or too low, it will make the fine powder enter into the discharging port earlier to affect the fineness of the powder material. The rotating speed of Raymond mill can be adjusted through the adjustment of the engine current.

2. The speed of the blower.

For the materials with light weight, if the blowing speed is too large, the particles which have not reached the requirements will also be blow into the dust collector. On the contrary, for the large particles, if the wind speed is too small, it will affect the discharge of materials, the rotating speed of the blower affects the wind speed, which can be considered as one of the important factors.

3. The wearing degree of grinding roller and grinding ring.

When the Raymond mill is operating, the grinding roller and grinding ring will not contact with each other. With the working of the mill, the wearing degree of the roller and ring will also increase, if the materials cannot be fully ground, the fineness of material will be affected, and the amount of rough particles will also increase.

4. The turbine blade of the analysis machine.

There are large amount of turbine blades equipped inside the analysis machine, which is in sun shape distribution, these leaves will be wore after a period of use, which will directly affect the powder separating efficiency of the analysis machine. The coarse powder enters into the powder collector through the analysis machine, which is an important reason for the too much coarse powder content in the finished product.

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