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What Cause Wear to Cone Crusher's Liner?

8/8/2015 3:06:26 AM

Cone crusher is the commonly used crushing equipment in mining and ore dressing processes, and its liner board is easy to be worn out during the production course. So in this article, I'm mainly aimed at introducing some reasons attributed to the wear to cone crusher's liner.

Cone Crusher

High stress on the liner

When cone crusher is running, its fixed cone plate, moving cone plate and the ores exactly form a three-dimensional abrasive wear, and the liner surface is in a complex strained condition. The ores being squeezed will cause huge pressure to the local surface on the liner board. At the same time, the moving cone rotates at a high speed and generates an enormous shearing stress, which is the main way leading to liner wear.

Poor working condition

If the cone crusher in bad working conditions, it will aggravate the wear to the liner. For example, in mineral processing production, the wear degree of cone crusher's liner board is bound up with the force bearing status of the ores, as well as ore hardness.

Ore hardness and granularity

According to the difference in material hardness, the liner board will accordingly suffer different wear and tear. If the material to be crushed is harder, then the impact on the liner will be larger. When ore hardness is the same, if the ore into the crushing cavity is greater, then the wear to the liner will be more serious.

Improper feeding way

If the feeding device is installed improperly or too much materials are poured into the crushing chamber, it will lead to uneven feeding, crushing cavity blockage and other malfunctions, which will make the unilateral stress of the liner too big and aggravate the liner wear.