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Hydraulic system can greatly improve the running rate of machine

6/17/2012 8:30:54 PM

In 1978, the medium crushing equipment in the Angang ore-sintering plant was KC2 -φ2100 standard cone crusher, the fine crushing machine was KC2 -φ2100 short head cone crusher. The high hardness of ore (16-18) brought great difficulties; the most prominent was the fine crushing capacity was low. After many times experiments and practice, we found that fix the rolling wall of fine crusher on the medium cone crusher could improve medium cone crusher capacity, reduce fine crusher loan and reduce the products granularity (the -12mm products increase from 75% to 80%), which can fully meet the demands of ore grinding and beneficiation.

Cone crusher uses hydraulic system to adjust the discharging size and set the crushing force. Safe and reliable hydraulic system can adjust infinitely adjustment of discharging mouth, and change the crushing force according to mechanical properties of materials and demands of process to realize overload protection and improve the running rate of machine significantly. Between the dynamic cone and eccentric bushing, the eccentric bushing and the body adopt labyrinth seal instead of water seal of traditional cone crusher, which can prevent the crusher from the influence of alpine region. The traditional cone crusher often cannot work for freeze in the alpine region. 

MVP cone crusher has dedicated self-storage lubrication system. Before start the machine, use small oil pump to supply oil to each lubricating point, then start the machine; cut off outside oil when the machine runs normally, the inside oil system will continue to lubricate each point. The inside oil lubricating system is composed of filter, oil pump, oil temperature detector, alarm system and sampling tubes. The oil pump can save the power consumption compared with the outside lubricating system. 

If there are unforeseen circumstances such as stop running in the operation, we can start the hydraulic system to discharge the materials in the chamber and ten re-start the crusher without taking out the materials manually, which can reduce the labor intensity of operators.