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Variable frequency control ball mill Is a general trend

6/15/2012 6:26:08 PM

Over the years, many factories commonly used ball mill to grind ceramic raw materials, it generally adopts a simple industrial frequency control which is of longer grinding cycle, lower grinding efficiency, big power consumption per unit of product and big starting current, so it is bound to give the manufacturer a lot of unnecessary trouble and a serious waste of resources. With the development of society economic and expansion of production scale, the disadvantages of industrial frequency control ball mill has exposed and seriously impeded to the development of various industrial enterprises--That encourages people to develop a new machine of smooth starting, high grinding efficiency, large yield, and low energy consumption--variable frequency control ball mill.

Main structure of the ball mill:

Ceramic ball is mainly composed by gear, cylinder device, charging device, discharging device and electrical control devices. 

Ball mill frequency transformation plan:

Improved equipment must have sufficient starting torque to meet the requirements of load volume, keep the motor smoothly running in the frequency operation state and ensure the motor has constant power characteristics.

Using frequency control system transform the original mill driving system to meet the normal low speed operation, ensure the normal process control to extend the service life of the mill and reduce maintenance.

Improved equipment should achieve self-switching among automatic control founction, manual / power frequency and fault, and overcome swells caused by great inertia to guarantee the equipment normally operate.