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The Principles to Select Liner Materials for Limestone Crusher

2/20/2016 12:37:58 AM

Liner is an important component of cone crusher, which will be badly worn during the production. So it counts for much to correctly choose manufacturing materials for liner. Next, let's discuss the principles to select liner materials for limestone crusher.

1. Good work hardening effect.

As the power of limestone crusher is constantly improved, the crushing ratio gradually increases, ore grade continuously decreases, and the liner suffers huge impact load when crushing ores, so it needs to enhance liner material's initial hardness and improve its work hardening effect.

Limestone Crusher

2. Strong impact toughness.

The liner of limestone crusher has to bear a huge impact load from the ores, and the liner board is liable to squeezing and plastic deformation. Under the repeated plastic deformation, it will form many craters on the liner board by extrusion and impact. Therefore, when choosing materials for liner, we should ensure it of outstanding impact toughness.

3. Good resisting ability against cutting.

In production, the liner is mainly subject to extrusion stress and shearing stress. After suffering a long term of cutting wear, it is easy to fatigue and malfunction. So we should choose such materials with good resisting ability against cutting wear for limestone crusher.

In general, the liner board of limestone crusher is made of high manganese steel. We usually carry out certain treatment process on it to drastically promote its initial hardness and ensure its plasticity and toughness on the premise of ensuring that the liner board won't rupture.