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How to Deal with Bearing Overheating of Ore Grinding Mill?

6/1/2016 7:26:22 PM

Where there is an ore deposit, there is an ore powder processing plant. Ore powder processing cannot be separated from ore grinding mills. Now ultra fine grinding mill, high strength pulverizer and high pressure micro powder mill are very prevailing on the market. Some users reflected that the bearing temperature of ore grinding mills is easy to overtop. Except for suffering the influence of high temperature in summer, what factors else can cause the bearing overheating?

The bearing supports the operating of ore grinding mills. It is the major factor which can affect ore grinding mill's performance and production efficiency. So users must pay special attention to bearing temperature and noise, in case of abnormal phenomena and affecting the mill's normal running. What are the factors on earth that can result in the bearing of ore grinding mill overheating?

Ore Grinding Mill

1. The lubricating oil is too much or too little. When the lubricating oil is too much, it's adverse to heat dissipation and leads to the bearing overheating. When it is too little, the bearing is unable to be lubricated sufficiently, which leads to an increment of friction and thus results in the temperature of the bearing growing. The lubricating oil accounting for 70% of the space is optimum when adding lubricant to the bearing.

2. If the bearing height is uneven or the motor rotor and mill rotor are on a different axis, it will cause excess impact on the bearing and result in the bearing overheated. If this phenomenon appears, we should immediately adjust the position of the bearing to avoid biased wear.

3. The bearing and bearing seat are matched too tight or too loose, leading to the abrasion aggravating.

We must timely discover and solve once the bearing is overheating, in case of delaying the normal production and operation of ore grinding machines and causing unnecessary loss.