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How to Correctly Start and Maintain the Fan of Ore Powder Dryer?

5/3/2016 12:56:14 AM

In the operation of ore powder dryer in the complete set of mineral processing plants, the fan is used most. The draught is used under normal circumstances and the air blower is usually used in more dangerous occasions. In generally, air blower is axial flow fan. 

In the daily use of ore powder dryer, we should have regular inspection and maintenance on it, so as to timely discover and solve the problems and ensure the production efficiency. Next, Hongxing Machinery, the experienced dryer manufacturer, will introduce the correct start and maintenance of the fan of ore powder dryer.

Ore Powder Dryer

The procedures to start up the fan in the system:

1. Close the adjusting door.

2. Check the gap size between each part of the fan and check if there any collision and friction between the rotating part and the fixed part.

3. People are forbidden to stand in the radial direction of impeller and near the coupling and pulley, in case of dangers. Check if the coupling and pulley are firm.

4. Check the fan and rotate the V-belt with hand to see if there is anything on the fan and any abnormal sound. Close the ventilation door to the minimum and check if the fan is refueled.

5. If the fan is found vibrating and striking violently, the bearing temperature increases sharply or the electric motor overheats, we must stop immediately and find out the cause.

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