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Grinding fineness is a key factor in the processing operation

7/1/2012 7:29:16 PM

Refractory iron ore belongs to poor fine miscellaneous ores with complex composition, there is a lot of difficulty to improve ore grade by traditional dressing recovery way, while grinding fineness is a key factor. For example, Qidong iron ore asks grinding fineness -38 um ≥ 95% ~ 98%, Shanxi Yuanjiacun iron ore asks -38 um ≥ 95%, as well as Shizhuyuan solid non-ferrous metal ore and Ruyang molybdenum mine ask grinding fineness in tailings recovery - 38um ≥ 95%.  Therefore, regrinding or fine grinding equipment is essential. Many of our mining industry produce iron ore by ordinary horizontal ball mill, while the ordinary horizontal ball mill has low efficiency, the product particle size and mineral monomer dissociation cannot reach requirement.

Vertical screw mixing mill is regrinding and fine grinding equipment with the most promising development prospect, high energy efficiency and fine granularity. In addition, because of its simple structure and convenient operation and maintenance, it is widely used in the industrial production of gold ore, nonferrous metal ore, metal ore and magnetic materials.

Shizhuyuan non-ferrous metal ore and iron ore concentrate regrinding adopted the ordinary horizontal ball mill for many years, the grinding fineness was -44 um and iron grade was in 53% to 55%--far away from the requirement. After several tests, they have adopted Hongxing vertical screw mixing ball mill for non-ferrous metal ore and iron ore concentrate grinding since 2005. The grinding fineness -38 um can reach 95.10%, iron concentrate grade reach 65.00%, making significant economic benefits.

Golden is wrapped in pyrite, existing in the form of microscopic gold, sub-microscopic gold or solid solution, and insolubly extracted. Vertical screw mixing mill strongly destruct material interface layer in the process of leaching while pulverizing thus speeding up the chemical reaction rate and improving the leaching rate. It has been successfully applied in many gold enterprises.