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Application Prospect of Tilting Narrow Upflow Classification Technology Is Broad

7/3/2012 3:09:35 AM

In order to adapt to the fluctuation of the volume and concentration of the pulp in hydraulic mining, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery designs the fractionation box with a double inclined plate. The classification size is determined by the speed of the upflow velocity of the lower inclined plate. When it is used for the classification of the material of 0.28mm, the comprehensive classification efficiency of the two boxes up and down is kept around 80%. The inclined plate of the device is mainly used to uniformly distribute the upward flow. The packing plate distance is 100-200mm and the length of the plate is 400-600mm.

The thickening or classification equipment of the aforementioned old inclined plate ( inclined tube) relies on the shallow subsidence to shorten the falling distance and falling time of the particles, which can significantly improve the handling capacity of per unit area of the equipment that once formed a high tide of the promotion and application at home and abroad. However, with the extension of the usage time, the drawbacks of such devices are gradually becoming apparent, which mainly show uneven fabric between the board. In addition, the bond slime on the board can not decline freely so that the gap between the boards is blocked, which affect the normal production until it can not be used. The main reasons are the followings. First, the inclined plates fail to form an independent operating unit and channel. The way of feeding and nesting are both open, which can not ensure that each plate has the same hydraulics characteristics. Second, the material is subpar. Most of the material is steel, glass or plastic plate whose surface is rough which is easy to bong slime. Third, the structure of the device is complex. It can not be integrated according to the requirements. The manufacturing, installation and use is inconvenient. Forth, the plate spacing is too large, but the length of the plate is too small, which causes that the shallow subsidence utility is limited. In the late 1980s, the popularization and application of these devices is from slow to standstill. After many years' research and application, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery independently researched and developed KMLF tilting narrow upflow classifier and it was successfully applied in 1999 in the titanium plant. The research is groundbreaking, which makes the tilting narrow upflow classification technology move a major step with a broad application prospects.