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Promoting Enterprise Development by Innovation

7/28/2012 2:34:57 AM

As a super star among crusher manufacturers in China, Hongxing machine recently puts forward products transformation and development, which asks us to vigorously promote the reform and innovation spirit of the times, come up with new ideas, fetch out new measures, explore new ways to accumulate new experience, constantly promoting the innovation on the theory and practice of Hongxing machine.

According to the characteristics of non-metallic ore, our impact crusher R & D center experts develop non-metallic crusher, which has obvious advantages in ore crushing processing--there are stringent checks for each level of stone processing and design process. We can configure appropriate processing equipment for our customers according to actual production demand and different field projects, which can make multiplier effects on production efficiency and project income.

Impact crusher is broken machinery making use of impact energy to break materials. When the machine is working, the rotor do high-speed rotation driven by the motor; when entering into plate hammer  action zone, materials would be broken under the impact of board hammer on the rotor, and then they are thrown to the counter-attack device for second breaking,  subsequently they bounce back into the plate hammer action zone from the counter liner to be re-broken--this process is repeated--materials successively enter into first, second and third counterattack cavity in descending order until the materials are broken to the desired particle size and discharged from the discharging port. Adjusting the gap between impact frame and the rotor could change the discharging granularity and shape of materials.

Hongxing non-metallic crusher is unique in structure with high crushing chamber and big feed opening, which makes non-metallic processing and the adjustment of the gap between impact plate and board hammer more convenient, effectively control the particle size and optimize the non-metallic-finished particle size shape. The non-metallic crushing machines has compact structure, strong rigidity, better stability, especially comprehensive fragmentation function, which is not only suitable for crushing non-metallic, but also for processing talc, limestone and calcite with high production efficiency and small mechanical wear loss. It brings a very high overall efficiency with low-input and thus becomes preferred device in ore crushing processing.