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Measures of Prolonging the Service Life of Belt Conveyor

7/25/2012 7:24:38 PM

Belt conveyor is machinery used to continuously transfer materials on a certain line; it is also known as continuous conveyor. Conveyor can transfer materials in horizontal, inclined and vertical ways, it also can be composed of space transportation line, and the conveyor lines are generally fixed. Conveyor has big transferring capacity and long transferring distance, you can also simultaneously complete a number of processing operations in the transportation process, so it is has very wide application ranges.

Conveyor should generally be started under no-load conditions. If sequentially install a number of belt conveyors, we should adopt a starter that can be locked, so that we can control starting and stopping room according to a certain order. In addition, to prevent incidents, each of the conveyors should also be set local start or stop button so that you can stop any one alone. In order to prevent the conveyor belt longitudinal tearing due to some reasons, when the conveyor length exceeds 30m, we install a stop button at some distance intervals (such as 25-30m) along the conveyor.

In order to ensure the belt conveyor reliably operates, it is important to timely detect and exclude the possibility of failure, therefore operators must observe the work of transport aircraft at any time, and any abnormal findings shall be processed in a timely manner. Mechanical workers should be inspected regularly and check for anything or parts that need attention, which is very important. For example, a roller, it may be not very important, but high speed conveyor belt may soon wear its crust and expose a blade, the blade could seriously damage an expensive conveyor belt. Trained workers or experienced staff should detect impending accident and prevent before they happen. Conveyor belt accounts for a considerable proportion of the entire conveyor cost, in order to reduce the cost of replacement and maintenance of conveyor belts; we must pay attention on the knowledge training of operators and maintenance personnel in operation and maintenance of belt conveyor.