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Disk grain making machine is applied in the bioplastic granulation

2/3/2012 8:13:53 PM

Disk grain making machine is the special granulation equipment which adopts overall circular structure, and the granulation rate may reach above 93%. Disk grain making machine can not only be used for producing agricultural fertilizer, our engineers also develop the method to make it applied in the bioplastic granulation.

Bioplastic refers to the plastic that makes of natural materials such as starch under the effect of microorganism. It can be reproducing, so it can protect environment.

At present, bioplastic can be classified as Self-destruct type and High resistance to consumption type.

Biological self-destruct plastic is widely used in medical treatment. In the fracture operation, it can be the support among bones, with the bone healing, it can decompose spontaneously. To heal broken fracture, doctors usually use stainless steel nut, bolt, splint and borer to fix up the broken bones. This must be process two operations, first to implant these stainless steel materials, and then take them out. Dutch scientists have invested a kind of plastic, which can be self decompose and become carbon dioxide and water after implant into the human body for two years. Another filiform biological self-destruct plastic can sew up the wounds that replace the traditional medical surgical operation line, this plastic line can be absorbed by human body and avoid the pain when taking out stitches. Besides, the medical capsules made of biological self-destruct plastic can dissolve and control the speed of drugs into the blood vessels.

English bioplastic developers NetComposites has develop a project named Combine research program, which to develop a high resistant to consumption plastic. This plastic has the advantages of hard, light weight and environment friendly that can be used in producing the door for cars, hull for ship, incubator for baby and etc. As the common plastic’s half-life is millennium, this project adopts plants as plastic material, so the material has a short half-time. It is a kind of harmless synthesis plastic, and also the first use renewable resources to manufacture the material and product. 

Starch, potato starch or corn starch fall into disk grain making machine, after the processing of disk grain making machine, bioplastic produced. Bioplastic is a new industry, and also a develop direction of global green environment protection in the future.