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Rotary Dryer, Used for Barite Refining

2/6/2012 1:22:30 AM

Barite is the most common mineral , whose composition is additive barium. Produced in hot liquid mineral veins of low temperature, such as quartz-barite veins, fluorite-barite pulse and so on, often symbiosis with galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite and cinnabar.

Barite Mining, always applies enhanced dressing production line, among which the main process is to roast the gained raw materials.
The undressed ore containing barite firstly is crushed roughly and elaborately (this process normally includes two cycle), through the reduplicative crushing process, the materials can be transported to the rotary kiln by belt conveyor for high temperature roasting. Hereafter, transporting the nubby materials  to the flotation machine for flotation dressing, after where it is finished barite. These barite  also can be dried in the Rotary dryers, for further processing.
The crystal of barite appears huge tube, which sometimes can form the shape of the bifurcation or rose crystal piece, called the crown hairy barite. Pure barite is colorless and transparent, general showing white or yellow, with vitreous burnish. Barite can be used as a white pigment ( commonly known as Lithopone), also can be used in chemical industry, paper making, textile packing, and in glass production in it can serve as a flux, to increase the brightness of glass. However, its most important role is used as aggravating agent used in drilling industry and barium refining.
Barite physical characteristics: chemical stability, insoluble in water and hydrochloric acid, no magnetic and toxicity. Barite chemical composition is barium sulphide, its crystal belongs to the orthogonal (orthorhombic) crystal system. Often shaping a thick plate or columnar crystal, more of dense block or the plate shape, granular aggregation. If its quality is pure, colorless and transparent, or  stained to all sorts of colors by impurity , white stripe, vitreous burnish, from transparent to the translucent. Three groups of cleaves are complete, angle is equal to or nearly 90°. Moh's hardness is 3-3.5, specific gravity of 4.0-4.6. Identification features: the plate crystals, small hardness, almost right Angle at the intersection of complete cleavage, big density, hydrochloric acid in no bubbles, which is always used to distinguish with similar calcite. Barite is a non-metallic mineral ore with barium sulphide as the main component. Barite is a mixture.
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