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Four popularize key points of spring cone crusher for medium and fine crushing

2/14/2012 5:12:39 PM

For medium and fine crush, there are many types of crushers, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, roller crusher, high pressure roller mill.

1. Medium and fine crush spring cone crusher

The specification of medium and fine crusher can be indicated by the movable cone bottom diameter D. the working principles of medium and fine cone crusher are similar to the gyratory crusher. But they differs in structure, the mainly differences are:

 (1) The two cone shape of gyratory crusher are in steeply inclined, the movable cone is erect frustum cone ,and fixed cone is headstand frustum cone, which is mainly used to magnify the feeding end. The two cones of medium and fine cone crusher are both gentle dip erect frustum cones, and between the two cones, there is a certain length parallel crush section (parallel band), which is used to control the granularity of product, for the design of medium and fine crusher is based on the quality and capacity of crusher.

(2) The movable cone of gyratory crusher hangs on the beam in the upper of the machine, while the movable cone of medium and fine crusher supports at the lower spherical bearing.

(3) Gyratory crusher adopts dry dust keeper, while medium and fine crusher uses Water seal dustproof device.


(4) Gyratory crusher uses the rise and down of movable cone to adjust the discharging end, while medium and fine crusher adjusts the discharging width by adjusting the height of fixed cone (adjusting ring).

(5) According to the adjusting device and safety device of feeding end, the medium and fine crusher can be classified as spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher. The working principles of spring cone crusher are consisted of movable cone and fixed cone with manganese steel liner plate. Movable cone mounts on the main shaft 15 by press, one side of main shaft inserts into the bell mouth of excentric sleeve, when the excentric sleeve moves, it can drive the movable cone to cycle. In order to guarantee the cycle movement of movable cone, its bottom surface are sphere and be supported on the spherical bearing. The weight of movable cone and main shaft is bearing by spherical bearing and rack.

Safety device of the machine is the springs installed around the rack, when the material, which should not be crushed such as big iron, falls into the crush chamber, the supporting ring and adjusting ring in the spring are forced to uplift and compress the springs, which can broaden the space between the movable cone and fixed cone, magnify the discharging end, discharge the non crushed material, and avoid the damage to machine. Then under the elasticity of spring, supporting ring and adjusting ring restore to the normal position quickly, and then crush again. 

According to the types of crush chamber, medium and fine cone crusher can be classified as standard type (for medium crush), middle type (for medium and fine crush), and short head type (for fine crush). Among them standard and short head type are popular. Their main differences between are the section shape of crush chamber and parallel band length. The movable cone of standard type inclines steep, the parallel band is short; the short head type inclines gentle, the parallel band is long, the features movable cone of middle type are between the two types.