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Mobile crushing station provide one station fluorite ore mining

2/15/2012 8:14:10 PM

Mobile crushing station is the production line that consists of cone crusher, circle vibrating screen, sand maker and belt conveyor, which can move with the production sites. Mobile crushing station can realize automation production totally with the advantages of compact structure, strong adaptability; it can save a lot of manpower and resources.

Mobile crushing station is the powerful production line to mine fluorite ore with high efficiency and precision. It is the best production line of mining fluorite ore.

Fluorite ore, also known as fluor, is the main source of industrial fluorine and one of the important raw materials of nonmetallic mineral in the world. The pure colorless transparent fluorite ore can be used as optical material, while the bright color fluorite ore can be used as the material of gems and Craft art sculpture. It is also the basic material of Fluorine chemical industry, and its processed products are widely uses in the field of Aerospace, aviation, refrigeration, pharmacy, Pesticide, Antisepsis, extinguishment, electron, electric power, machinery, atomic energy and etc. With the development of science and national economy, fluorite ore has become the important raw mineral materials of modern industry. Many developed countries reserved fluorite ore as an important strategic material. China’s fluorite ore is rich in resources, wide in distribution, various in deposit types and with the resources reserve volume, production capacity and export quantum all occupy the first place in the world. Fluorite was first be found by ancient Indian. There are many cobras in a little hill, they all pace up and down around big stones, which causes the exploring mystery interests of local people. When the night fall, the big stones in this place shone in the light of blue, insects with phototoxic danced over the stones, the frogs jumped out to episite, then the cobras hided nearby were came out to prey on frogs. So, people called
these stones as Snake eyes stones, later, the people understood that the snake eyes stones were fluorite ores.

The composition of fluorite is calcium fluoride, also known as fluor. Because it contains kinds of rare elements, it usually presents the color of purple red, viridity and wathet, the colorless transparent is rare and preciousness. Its crystalline forms are cube, octahedron and rhombic dodecahedron. If you put the fluorite ore under the ultraviolet rays, it will shining with a beautiful fluorescence.

The usages of Fluorite ore and its processed products have stepped into over 30 industries. put fluorite during steel  making will improve the liquidity of molten iron, and remove the detrimental impurity of sulphur and phosphorus.

Fluorite ore is widely used, as the improvement of science and technology, its application prospects become promising. At present, it’s mainly used as raw material of cryolite of aluminum making dissolvant in metallurgy industry, hydrofluoric acid, villiaumite and Freon in chemical industry, decorative material in building materials industry, then used in the light industry, optics, sculpture, and national defense industry. So, according to its usages, the fluorite ore in our country can be divided into four series, that is, fluorite lump ore, fluorite concentrate, fluorite fine ore, optics fluorite, and sculpture fluorite.

Experts predict that the value in use of fluorite ore in future is very high, so the prospect of using mobile crushing station in the mine of fluorite ore is promising. We believe that the customers, who buy our mobile crushing station, will be in the golden age of mining and selling fluorite ore in the future.