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Never worry about concrete mass production,cement plant for your satisfaction

2/22/2012 10:54:10 PM

Our cement plant mainly contains cement mill, cement rotary kiln and etc, which are the key equipments to assemble large-scale cement production line, they mainly used in the mass production of building materials like cement, concrete, and etc.

Concrete, the general term of integral engineering composition material, formed by aggregate glue. Generally speaking, by proportionally mixing with cement as cementing material, sand, stone as aggregate and water (with or without admixtures and additive), after mixing, molding, and conserving, it can get the concrete, also known as ordinary concrete, which is widely used in civil engineering. 

At present, Concrete is one of the leading civil engineering materials. It is a kind of artificial sand materials that produced by cementing material, grain aggregate, water and some additive( if necessary ) . They make up based on a certain proportion, and formed after stirring, molding, and concrete during maintain processing. Concrete has the features of abundant raw materials, low price, and simple production process; as a result, its quantity demanded becomes large. 

The inorganic cementing materials such as Cement, lime and gypsum blend with water, after which the mixture gains plasticity; then through the chemical and physical chemistry action concretion hardness to produce strength. In general, drinking water can meet the demand of concrete stir with water. The superfluous acid, alkali, salt and organics in water can have detrimental influence on concrete. Aggregate not only acts as filler, but also has an important influence of the volume-weight strength, and transformation of concrete. 

By the cementing materials, concrete is divided into two types: 

1. Inorganic cementing material concrete, such as cement concrete, gypsum concrete, silicate concrete, water glass concrete. 

2.Organic cementing material, such as bituminous concrete, polymer concrete.