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Ten drying skills of copper concentrate dryer machine

2/19/2012 10:07:45 PM

Copper concentrate dryer machine is the special machine used for drying common metal ores; it has the advantages of high drying efficiency, fast speed, and strong continuous operation capacity. Its drying effect is remarkable for the industry ores such as copper concentrate, hematite, etc.

Copper is one of earliest metals that be found and used by human beings, it is aubergine, with the specific gravity of 8.89, and melting point of 1083.4℃. Copper and its alloy are widely used because of its good electric conductivity and heat conductivity, strong resistance to corrosion, easy processing, favorable tensile strength and fatigue resistance. It ranks only second to steel and aluminum in metal material consumption, and become the obbligato base material and strategic supplies of national economy, people’s livelihood, defense engineering and even advanced technology. It has widely applications in the industries of electric, machinery, chemical, defense engineering, and etc. copper concentrate is the concentrate that processed by the low grade copper contained raw ore, it can be used to smelt copper directly.

At present, the raw materials to refine copper in China mainly are towanite, chalcocite, bornite, malachite and etc. According to the technical conditions of smelting, the copper ore can be divided into three classes based on the proportion of copper oxide and copper sulphide, that is, sulfide ore, which contains less than 10% copper oxide;oxidized ore, which contains more than 30% copper oxide; mixed ore, which contains 10%~30% copper oxide.

Raw materials of copper ore have the following characteristics:

1) raw materials of copper ore that suitable for smelting are stored in multiple deposit types. Among them, the deposit types of important exploitation values are magma copper nickel sulfide deposit, porphyry copper ore deposit, skarn type copper and polymetallic deposit, Hydrothermal vein copper deposits, Volcanic sedimentary sulfide copper deposits, and Depositional layered ore deposits and etc.

2) The ores are complex ore structures, unevenness disseminated granularity, nonuniform disseminated, mineral assemblage, subtle fabric disseminate, complex composition, and different to dress.

3) Ore chemical compositions are complex, accompanying  and inter growing with many beneficial and harmful component, so, its smelting process conditions are very complex.

Ore dressing processes of copper are crushing –ball milling—classifying—flotation—concentrating. For the rare polymetallic ore contain nickel, cobalt, molybdenum and gold can firstly beneficiate copper concentrate then dress nickel concentrate, cobalt concentrate, molybdenum concentrate and gold concentrate by flotation respectively.

The copper ore dressing equipments and Iron ore concentrator are the key points of the research and development of our company. The copper ore dressing equipments manufactured by our company contain all the equipments needed in all the stages of crushing, milling, screening, and concentrating. So our equipments can meet the requirements of all kinds of ore dressing production lines assembled by customers.