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Dual combination of electromagnetic coil with solenoid applied in magnetic separators

2/29/2012 5:35:22 PM

The electromagnetic coil can generate magnetic ranging from the strength. By this principle, magnetic separator in ore beneficiation selects the ore containing magnetic. The magnetic separator’s magnetic property is determined by the current strength to the electromagnetic coil. The bigger in current strength, the stronger in magnetic of the magnetic field, vice versa.

The device is powered to produce a electromagnetic. The conductive winding is wound around the external of iron core, which matched with each other. The current coil like a magnet with magnetic, it is also called electro-magnet (electromagnet). We usually made it a strip or the hoof shape so that the iron core is more easily magnetized. In addition, in order to make the electromagnet power degauss in a time, we often use the degaussing faster soft iron or silicon steel materials as iron core.

In this situation, the magnetic will disappear at once after power failure. The electromagnet is widely used in our daily life, and the generator power has been greatly improved.

When energized solenoid is inserted with iron core, the core was magnetized. The magnetized iron core becomes a magnet, the solenoid magnetic greatly enhanced after the two magnetic field superimposed on each other. In order to make the electromagnet of the magnetic stronger,  iron core is usually made of hoofed. But the hoofed core coil should be wound in opposite direction, one side is clockwise, the other side must be counterclockwise. The two coils magnetic will cancel each other out, if wound in same direction. Besides, the electromagnet core with a soft iron instead of steel. Otherwise, once steel was magnetized, which will keep magnetic for long time and can not demagnetization. As a result, the magnetic strength can not be controlled by current and lose the advantages of electromagnet.

Electromagnet has many advantages: the presence or absence of the electro-magnet magnetic can be controlled by used, breaking current. The magnetic strength can be controlled with the strength of the current or the number of turns of the coil; It can also regulated by the resistor to control current. Moreover, the magnetic poles can be changed by changing the current direction. In a whole, The strength of magnetic and pole direction can be changed, the presence or absence of magnetic can be controlled, and the magnetic can be regulated due to the disappearance of the current disappears.

The electromagnet is applied to old magnetic separator which didn’t use advanced electromagnetic coil technology, This electromagnet produced machine is limited in magnetism. And the beneficiary ability is too weak to meet the needs of our daily lives. Today, Hongxing Mining Machinery Co.produced a new generation of improved magnetic separator, which equipped with a dual combination of the electromagnetic coils and solenoids. At ordinary times, we can use electromagnetic coil for production. When power out, the electromagnet can be applied.