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The Development Trend of Machinery Industry

5/12/2012 1:55:16 AM

Since the promulgation of the 12th five-year plan, China's machinery industry faces a full range of transformation. Here, Hongxing machinery takes a simple discussion in terms of future development direction of machinery industry.

First, we have to increase industrial concentration. The formations of some mechanical enterprise only focus on the consolidation of advantages and ignore substantive breakthrough on capability of technology development and independent innovation. Mechanical company should develop the large enterprise group for the purpose of scientific and technological innovation, therefore, we must deal cautiously with the cross-industry restructuring among enterprises.

Second, accelerate the development of modern manufacturing services. China's modern manufacturing services in machinery industry should make optimize the export structure as the theme, vigorously implement service enterprises "going out", encourage qualified enterprises make outward foreign direct investment and expand the export capacity of China's modern manufacturing services.

Third, enhance the capability of independent innovation. In recent years, it is more and more difficult to absorb in advanced technology from abroad, so we should make every effort to promote independent innovation system.

Fourth, play the role of technical standards to market access.  New technologies and new product in machinery industry develop fast in recent years, while the lag of standard operation set a limit to improve the competitiveness. Therefore, we should guide enterprises to accelerate technological progress to advanced chain through the establishment and implementation of new standards to electric motor energy efficiency.

I believe that through the transformation of technology, services and marketing strategies, Hongxing Machinery will be better tomorrow!