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Strategies on Changing the Development Mode in Machinery Industry

5/21/2012 11:18:28 PM

In recent years, changing the development mode has become an important guiding principle for the entire industry, while what can we do to implement this principle? Recently, Hongxing machine experts carefully study the related guidance of Ministry of Commerce and make the following interpretation of changes in production methods. 

1, Focus on high-end product

First, focus on high-tech products and the demand of national key project, key fields and strategic new industry, rely on innovation to develop national strategic emerging industries. Second, promote the upgrading of traditional products to competitive products. Third, promote industrial structure to be high-end.

2, innovation-driven strategy

This not only need to increase investment in product development, more importantly, to enhance industry innovation system building and in addition, strive for the support of users and government departments to better implement the innovation market conditions. 

3, strengthen the basis

Since the reform and opening up, many developed countries have implemented the "reverse development" strategy, that is, firstly purchase key components and materials in the worldwide, and then integrate system to meet customer needs. 

4, integrate informatization and industrialization

The integration of informatization and industrialization is the main guarantee for the former two strategies, and also an important way to upgrade industrial structure. Additionally, it can also improve innovation on product level, market model and service system; enhance efficiency and effectiveness of corporate management and marketing services. 

5, green-oriented strategy 

Green-oriented strategy has two main aspects: first, energy saving and environment-friendly; second, actively develop energy efficient products; develop new energy equipment to provide advanced energy saving equipment in all walks users; pay more attention to the design and manufacture of mechanical products to reflect the green philosophy in full life cycle. 

Based on the above guiding ideology, Hongxing Machinery will work harder to enhance the mechanical core competitiveness; focus on the implementation of green manufacturing, do everything possible to reduce energy and resource consumption, vigorously develop energy-saving products, and enhance capacity for sustainable development. 

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