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cooling machine

10/15/2012 6:52:30 PM

The cooling machine is the main configuration device in the production system of the rotary kiln, which plays a crucial role in the performance of the rotary kiln. As the thermal equipment, the cooling undertakes the task to heat up the secondary air into the furnace and the tertiary air into the kiln when it suddenly cools the clinker. The temperature of the secondary and the tertiary air should be raised as much as possible. The cooling machine can not only recovers the heat, but also has a good effect on the combustion and support after-combustion of the fuel and the thermal distribution of the kiln system. As heat recovery equipment, the cooling machine is used to recover the large amount of enthalpy brought by the kiln clinker. The recovered heat enters the kiln and the furnace as the high-temperature heat as the secondary air and the tertiary air, which helps reduce the system calcined hot consumption. The low-temperature heat is good for the power generation of the waste heat. As clinker conveying equipment, the cooling machine is used to convey the high-temperature clinker. The cooling of the high-temperature clinker is good for the transport and storage of the clinker.

cooling machine

In the actual use, we should pay special attention to the maintenance of the cooling machine.

First, regularly check if there are sinking phenomenon of the riding wheel base and the level observation points.

Second, regularly add the big-teeth open lubricants and the reducer lubricant.

Third, check the size of the gap between the large tooth and the small tooth and check if the combination of the teeth is greater than 70%.

Forth, adjust the block round and move it up and down to ensure the balance of the wear of the contact surface of the supporting roller.

Fifth, regularly check and tighten the foundation bolts to prevent the loose of bolts, which may cause damage to the equipment.

Sixth, check the cooling water of the bearing to prevent the too high temperature from damaging the bearing. Add 3 # lithium grease lubricant. Adjust bearing oil clearance between 0.3mm to 0.5mm in order to avoid too tight or too loose bearing oil clearance resulting in bearing anomalies and heat damage.

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