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shaking table separation

12/4/2012 8:25:53 PM

Shaking table separation uses the unsymmetric  reciprocating motion of  bed surface and the role of  slant thin layer of water to achieve the separation of  ore materials. Shaking table separation plays an important role in the gravity concentration process.


There are a lot of factors affecting the working efficiency of  table concentrator. The factors mainly include the structure of table concentrator, operation and properties of  ore. The properties of  feeding ore, density of ore particles and the particle size have great impact on the separation index. The ore feeding of table concentrator separation is generally to classify materials according to their levels, namely the hydraulic classification. The transverse slope and water consumption mainly affect the horizontal kinematic velocity of the materials and the loose degree of the bed. The water consumption of table concentrator mainly includes two parts. One part is the mineral water fed together with the raw ores. The other part is the wash water directly fed to the surface of the bed. The looseness, hierarchical selective conveyance and stroke of the ore particles have important impacts on the shaking concentrator. The feeding size, feeding amount, the amount of the dry ore fed on the shaking concentrator and the feeding concentration can determine the volume of the slurry. The mineral concentration and the ore volume have great impacts on the separation of  shaking concentrator. The productivity of shaking concentrator depends on the density of the materials, the particle size composition, operating conditions, and the quality requirements of the products also have great impacts.

The shaking table separation produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has the significant characteristics of high-grade ore. The shaking table separation is often used to get the final concentrate, it can also separate the final tailings and can effectively deal with fine materials.

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