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Common Subsidiary Components of Calcinating Rotary Kiln

1/16/2013 6:17:48 PM

The calcinating rotary kiln belongs to the class of building materials equipment. Metallurgy chemical kiln is mainly used in magnetic roasting process of lean ore and oxidizing roasting process of chrome, nickel, iron for metallurgical industry; it also used for roasting high aluminium vanadium soil ore, aluminum hydroxide for the refractory plant and baking chrome ore and chromium ore for chemical plant, etc. Lime kiln, that is, active lime kiln, is used for roasting active lime and light burned dolomite for steel plant and ferroalloy plant.

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Common Subsidiary Components of Calcinating Rotary Kiln

A. Rotary kiln support frame

1. Rotary kiln support frame can make calcinating rotary kiln equipment more robust so that work and produce stably;

2. Improper operation will make the rotary kiln equipment deformed; support frame is used to fix the rotary kiln equipment and prevent the rotary kiln equipment from deformation;

3. Rotary kiln support frame can facilitate the lifting of rotary kiln equipment and make transportation convenient.

B. Preheat tower

Preheat tower is also called preheater; It can achieve the heating process of raw materials, can effectively reduce power consumption and improve the finished quality grade.

C. Cooler

In contrast to preheater, the cooler could rapidly cool the finished product.

D. Conveyor

Conveyor belt is material conveying device for rotary kiln; there are various forms of damage in the process such as edge delamination, canker, defect and cracking; so the daily upkeep is necessary.