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Chinese Machinery Aimed at International Market

2/17/2013 6:13:40 PM

Over the years, under the driving of huge domestic demand, China's construction machinery is making rapid development and growth, large and small engineering machinery enterprises enjoy themselves the feast in the huge Chinese market. At the same time, the foreign peers from around the world also vying to join the ranks of sharing cake. For a time, China's vast school rejoiced. Since the implementation of the macro-control in 2004, the construction machinery industry make changes all the time, despite drastic changes in the domestic market is growing weak. We are suffering serious blow at the same time, more and more Chinese enterprises explore overseas development road. 

2004 and the first five-month statistics are showing huge growth in exports of construction machinery. However, the"high growth" on the basis of small cardinal number, it has the taste of "driven to revolt", the huge potential of foreign markets has been watched. Just at this time, a lot of people really awake, and recognize that in the domestic market, when we are eroded by foreign powers, foreign markets are also facing a complex situation. We entertain for many years, so that today's Chinese construction machinery enterprises have to face the grim situation of "internal and external" dilemma. A construction machinery breakthrough battle has already quietly started.

"Betting" domestic --- enterprise has fate of two different worlds, construction machinery is a typical investment-led industry, construction machinery enterprises in China are heavily depending on the survival and growth of the proactive fiscal policy and large-scale infrastructure construction over the years. A huge domestic market is not only a Chinese enterprise to feed a flourishing population, it also continues to attract international famous enterprises in Europe, America, Japan and the China Gold Rush. The world's largest construction machinery manufacturer Caterpillar in 1995 started a joint with Chinese factories. With gradual fulfillment of the commitment of China's accession to the WTO, the construction machinery industry giants have landed in China.