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The Overview of Ore Beneficiation Process

2/18/2013 5:25:44 PM

The ultimate purpose and mission of the ore beneficiation is to separate the useful minerals from the useless gangue minerals, as much as possible making the useful minerals separated and richly integrated into concentrates, comprehensively recovering the valuable elements, excluding harmful metallurgical and other processing impurities and improving the quality of mineral products, in order to fully reasonably and economically use the mineral resources.

The ore beneficiation production is a complex process, accompanied by the transfer and the conversion process of matter and energy. Ore beneficiation process has the characteristics: time-varying, large lag, complex mechanism and more influencing factors, and also presenting the performance of large-scale continuity, non-linear and strong coupling nature.

The raw ore production process is to make the raw ore sieved into 0-15mm fraction of iron ore fines and greater than 15mm grain size of lump ore. The fine ore is sent by a belt conveyor system into the strong magnetic cylinder ore bin, as the production material of high intensity magnetic separation. Lump ore, after secondary screening is deposited in the tank of the blast furnace by a belt conveyor system, as the raw materials of roasting furnace.

The grinding and magnetic separation process is divided into high intensity magnetic separation and weak magnetic separation, the first stage of its grinding system is the closed system that the ball mill and classifier formed; the second stage is the Sec closed circuit that the ball mill and hydrocyclone formed. The first and the second stage are both embedded in fine sieve to control the grinding granularity of grinding and classification giving into the second stage. The powder ore and the roasting ore are ground by ball mill and classified by classifier, the sand that is returned to the ball mill and is ground again, cyclone classifier overflows into the hydrocyclone to be classified, the grit part enters the secondary ball mill and then is ground. Cyclone overflows into the the magnetic machine or weak magnetic machine to be sorted, the sorted concentrate comes into the concentrate generation system to be concentrated and the tailings are sent to the tailings dam. The fine concentrate shall be the final concentrate.