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Importance of Cylinder Rotary Kiln in Cement Plant

2/18/2013 5:28:12 PM

The rotary kiln is the core of cement production, commonly known as the 'heart' of cement plant. The cylinder rotary kiln is one kind of rotary kiln with its most application in the field of cement industry. The entire production process of cement can be summarized as “two stages of grinding and one calcination”, and the “calcination” means the process of burning the raw material finished grinding and formulating under the high temperature in rotary kiln.

The staff must wear labor supplies and be careful to avoid being burned by the high temperature in the inspection. Connect control center and place room keys on a non-ready location when checking. The checking of the internal rotary kiln should cut-off the power, firstly cut-off the main motor power, then enter the kiln to see if there is loose in the kiln, and staff should stand in the place without kiln when kiln coating and ensure that nobody is in the kiln when ring kiln is needed.

Therefore, In building materials industry, the cylinder rotary kiln can be used not only in calcining cement clinker aggregate, but also used to calcine clay, limestone; In the ferrous and ferrous metallurgy, rotary kiln is also the smelting equipment of iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, tin, nickel, tungsten, chromium, filing and other metal; In the production of refractory material, cylindrical rotary kiln can be used to calcine raw material to strongthen its dimensional stability and strength, and then shape it. In addition, the speed of rotary cylinder of rotary kiln is relatively slow, and due to the deceleration device can make chain rotating or friction rotating through the gears, so the deceleration device must be used when motor torque is transmitted to drum. Important equipment in rotary kiln generally is gear, and small-and medium-sized rotary cylinder can also adopt combined rotating way.